Old Town Demolition

The demolition of Old Town Area Buildings 25A, 40, 41, 44, 44A, 44B, 52 and 52A made way for the Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) and a General Purpose Laboratory (GPL). A phased plan has been developed to abate and demolish the remaining buildings within the Old Town area, namely Buildings 4, 5, 7, 7C, 14, 16 and 16A. Soil removal will be performed to address existing subsurface contamination. The demolition of the subject buildings is part of an overall plan to remediate and redevelop the Old Town area of the Lab.

Critical Decision 1 (CD-1, Selection of Alternatives) for the project was approved in October 2013. The project was divided into three phases with each phase addressing structure demolition, removal of contaminated soils associated with the structures, and stabilization of the affected areas. Phase I includes Buildings 5, 16, and 16A and the slabs of previously demolished Buildings 40, 41, 52, and 52A; Phase II includes Buildings 4 and 14; Phase III includes Buildings 7 and 7C. Planning for Phase I has been completed, and CD-2/3 (Approve Performance Baseline and Approve Start of Construction/Execution) for Phase I was approved in November 2014. Planning for Phase II has begun. The demolition and soil remediation of Buildings 4, 7, 7C, and 14 is deferred until further funding is available. Project schedule is dependent upon receipt of funding.