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Storm Water Pullution Preventing Plan (SWPPP)​

Our site specific plans are clear, concise, and expertly designed. We evaluate your project site, assess your potential pollutant sources and recommend cost effective BMPs (Best Management Practices). Additionally, we determine storm water outfalls, establish sampling points; and construct a facility diagram, a potential pollutant diagram, and a monitoring diagram.

Monitoring plan

We compose easy to use Monitoring Plans with all required Storm Water Observation Forms and Non-Storm Water Observation Forms. We will assist your Pollution Prevention Team and/or entire staff in BMP implementation and regular maintenance. ASP, Inc will constantly monitor all potential rain events and notify you of pending storms so you can be prepared. These monitoring services are proven to increase compliance and protect you from costly violation fines. ASP, Inc Clients have found this service to be an extremely convenient and cost-effective way for maintaining compliance, reducing risk, and gaining peace of mind.

Rain Event Action Plan (REAP)

ASP, Inc’s qualified QSD/QSP will prepare a Rain Event Action Plan (REAP) for each likely precipitation event.  The REAP is mandated by the Construction General Permit and designed to protect all exposed portions of the site within 48 hours of any likely precipitation event (50% change of precipitation in the project area).  All findings will be documented and kept onsite in accordance with the Construction General Permit.

Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development is a design approach that integrates specialized landscape features into the urban environment.  Runoff is directed into these features where it can soak into the ground.  This approach mimics the storm water benefits of the natural environment.  Specialized swales, planters, and raingardens provide beauty while also slowing runoff and removing pollutants.  Plants and microbes that live in healthy soil use pollutants as nutrients, removing them from runoff.

Full Site Audit and/or Weekly Inspections

ASP, Inc. will provide a Qualified SWPP Developer (QSD) and Qualified SWPP Practitioner (QSP) to perform a full site audit and/or weekly inspections for all areas of the designated construction site covered under the SWPPP.  All findings will be documented and reviewed with the project’s Legally Responsible Person (LRP). If  reporting is required by the Construction General Permit  ASP, Inc. will file all reports via the State’s ‘SMART’ system.

Best Management Practices (BMP) Inspection

We select and refine your business’ BMPs for efficient and effective implementation and potential pollutant reduction. BMPs can be structural or non-structural. We provide proven cost-effective methods to suit all types of companies and their specific ongoing construction activities.

Quarterly Inspections

ASP, Inc’s QSD/QSP will inspect all identified drainage areas for the presence of non-storm water discharge.  This is a State required inspection; all findings will be documented and kept on site in accordance with the Construction General Permit.

Extended Storm Event Inspections

ASP, Inc’s qualified QSD/QSP will  perform a site inspection once every 24-hour period during all extended storm events.  This inspection will identify and record BMPs that need maintenance to operate effectively, that have failed, or that could fail to operate as intended.  All findings will be documented and kept on site in accordance with the Construction General Permit.

Post Storm Event Inspection

ASP, Inc’s qualified QSD/QSP will inspect storm water discharges at all discharge locations after each qualifying rain event and visually inspect the site to identify whether BMPs were adequately designed, implemented and operating effectively, identify additional BMPs needed and revise the SWPPP accordingly.  All findings will be documented and kept on site in accordance with the Construction General Permit.

Storm Water Sampling, Testing, & Analysis

ASP, Inc offers comprehensive water sampling services during qualified storm events, providing a Qualified Stormwater Developer (QSD)/Qualified Stormwater Practitioner (QSP) and trained staff who will obtain water samples at pre-designated locations. The skilled water sampling staff possesses the capability to conduct on-site testing for pH and Turbidity, or alternatively, deliver samples to an authorized laboratory for analysis. The resulting water sample analysis will be accompanied by a written report detailing the findings and recommendations for corrective actions, if necessary. A qualifying storm event is defined as a storm producing precipitation of 0.5″ or more. ASP’s proficient staff will determine the parameters requiring testing, obtain the stormwater samples, and have them analyzed either on-site or at a California State Certified Lab. ASP, Inc will meticulously document the results and provide records for your on-site documentation as mandated by the new Construction General Permit. Furthermore, this valuable data will be seamlessly incorporated into your Annual Report, which will be filed by ASP, Inc.

State Reporting and Tracking

ASP, Inc will upload and electronically file SWPPP inspection, monitoring and tracking documents into the State’s Stormwater-Multi-Action Reporting and Tracking System (SMARTS)

Permit Registration Documents

ASP, Inc will prepare the following document required for your project registration:

  1. Notice of Intent (NOI)
  2. Risk Assessment Worksheet
  3. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Annual Report

Before the September 1 deadline, ASP, Inc will perform the required year end summary of your projects compliance by consolidating all the records that have been created including runoff sampling analysis reports. All of this data is incorporated into the composition of the California Mandated Annual Report. Finally, we facilitate signature and submittal of the Annual Report to the appropriate RWQCB (Regional Water Quality Control Board) or SWRCB (State Water Resource Control Board), and obtain proof of delivery for our clients.

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