Stormwater Protection Facts

How many violations is your project subject to?

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Penalties and Fines

Did you know that a construction site that is not in compliance with the State of California’s new Construction General Permit (effective July 1, 2010)  is subject to minimum mandatory penalties of $3000.00 per violation per day!! These non-compliant violations include such simple things as failing to perform and document weekly inspections of your construction site.

That’s right, according to the new Construction General Permit order 2009-0009 all construction discharges on sites of one (1) acre or larger are required to obtain a site specific permit from the State Regional Water Control Board and follow specific requirements of inspecting, monitoring and reporting. That means that all applicable construction clearing, grading and disturbances to construction soil (stockpiling, or excavation) must be in compliance with the new regulations. Additionally, all affected sites must have a Qualified Stormwater Practitioner (QSP) on record to address the sites’s SWPPP issues and updates to aviod violations and fines.

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